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A few facts about The Mommy Insider:

  • I (@mommyinsider) have been named one of the top 140 moms to follow on Twitter.
  • The Mommy Insider is one of the top 50 Shopping Blogs! *
  • The Mommy Insider is one of the top 50 Parenting Blogs! *
  • Alicia’s Gadget blog was nominated for the “Top 25 Tech Moms” *
  • I am a ten year veteran of online media and enjoy building relationships with and promoting businesses, organizations, and individuals.
  • I am a blogger, entrepreneur, and a mother to two, ages 13 and 6.

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I am currently or have been a brand ambassador for the following:

  • Marriott Rewards – 2014
  • Best Buy (blogger program) – 2014
  • American Cleaning Institute – 2013
  • P&G Blogger Brigade – 2013
  • Cascade Influencer – 2013
  • HTC – 2012
  • Skype – 2012
  • Frigidaire Test Drive Mom/Super Influencer – 2009
  • Ralph Lauren – 2010 – 2011
  • Pop Secret – 2011
  • Shout! – 2011
  • Tony’s Pizza – 2011
  • Tropicana – 2010
  • Peeps – 2011
  • and many more
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Brands and PR Relationships:

I have established relationships and enjoyed working with hundreds of PR reps from companies including Little Tikes, Fisher Price, Honda, Sony, HP, O’Reilly, Dyson, Celebrity Cruises, Playmobil, EcoDiscoveries, Busch Gardens, and more. I write reviews for several blog networks including Mom Central, Child’s Play PR.

Brands I've worked with on my blog

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Memberships and Networks I’m Part Of..

I am  a member of Georgia Social Media Moms, Mom Central, Clever Girls Collective, One 2 One Network, Child’s Play PR, Team Mom, and many more social media and blogger networks.

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Here are a few places I’ve travelled for The Mommy Insider:

Brand / Event Type of Event Where Date
Reviewers Retreat Conference Media Partner Atlanta, GA June 2013
Access P&G Conference Media Trip Cincinnati, OH June 2013
Mercedes Media Trip/Test Drive Santa Fe, NM July 2012
Blissdom 2012 Conference Nashville, TN February 2012
Kenmore Press Chicago, IL January 2011
BlogHer 2011 Conference San Diego, CA August 2011
Mercedes 2012 M-Class

Press Greenough, MT

July 2011
Disney Social Media Moms Blogger Conference Orlando, FL May 2011
St. Louis CVB Media St. Louis, MO 2011
San Antonio Embassy Suites and CVB Media San Antonio, TX 2011
Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet Press Dallas, TX March 2011
P&G Media Miami, FL February 2011
Ford / NAIAS Show Press Detroit January 2011
Blissdom 2011 Conference Nashville, TN January 2011
Honda Odyssey Ride n’ Drive Media San Diego, CA September 2010
Honda & Variety Power of Women Event Media San Diego, CA August 2010
Great Wolf Lodge Media Charlotte, NC March 2010
Celebrity Solstice Cruise Media Fort Lauderdale, FL November 2009
General Mills Blogger Event Blogger Media Trip September 2009
IzeaFest Blogger Conference Conference Orlando, FL October 2009

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You Might Be Interested To Know..

  • I do not get paid to write the product reviews featured on The Mommy Insider and always share my honest opinion about a product.
  • The site is supported by the sponsor advertisements and personally chosen affiliate advertisements you see in the right columns. Please visit our sponsors websites!
  • I give away most everything reviewed on The Mommy Insider.
  • Our awesomely incredible readers can sign up for a free subscription to our email newsletter here.
  • I am not perfect (that’s hard to believe, I know). You may find some spelling and/or grammatical errors on the site. I forgot to spell check sometimes.
  • I encourage you to share The Mommy Insider product reviews with your friends and family.
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Reader Questions Answered:

What types of products do you review? – Gabrielle in Arizona

I am married with two kids, a son age 10, and a 4 year old daughter so I review just about anything that a family can use including baby, toddler, and kids clothes, nursery decor, baby and kids shoes, online services for parents, educational toys, wooden toys, handmade clothes and toys, food for families, diaper bags, strollers, gadgets, and more. Are all of your reviews positive? – Nancy in Florida Pretty much. If I don’t like a product or service, I don’t take my time to write about it and feature it on The Mommy Insider.

What is a normal day like for you? – Margarett in Ohio

Whoa! I get up around 7am and go to bed around 1:37am (give or take a few minutes) and don’t remember what happens in between.

How do you make money? Do you charge a fee to review products? Bonnie in North Carolina

I make money from companies that chose to sponsor an advertising spot in the right and left columns of The Mommy Insider. I am also the editor of, a local guide for Atlanta area parents from which I make money from sponsors. I do not charge a fee for product reviews unless a company requests that the review is expedited in which case I charge a rush fee.

Do you give products away that you review? – Susan in California

I give away mostly everything I review. Some giveaways are the actual product that I review while some are extra samples sent by the company just to give away to lucky readers!

Do you do speaking engagements, news features, etc.? – Albert in Maine

Yes, I am happy to speak at an engagement or in a news segment related to ‘mommy blogging’, family product trends, blogs in general, parenting, working from home, and entrepreneurship.

How long have you been the editor of The Mommy Insider and what is your long-term goal? – Caroline in Mississippi

I started The Mommy Insider 7 years ago while on bed rest and my long term goal is to eat breakfast tomorrow. OK, so I sometimes wonder where The Mommy Insider is going, too. I am committed to writing about products that I love for a long, long, long time. I love what I do and won’t stop.. unless a company offers $1,589,537 (give or take a few dollars) to buy the site and let me keep full editorial control, hint, hint ;).

You may also be interested in my Disclosure Policy, and my Editorial Policy.

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About The Mommy Insider readers:

  • Average age is 24-48
  • 64% are college graduates
  • 74% have one or more child living with them
  • 52% have a yearly household income of $51k+, 43% $75k+, 31% $100k+
  • Visit TMI at least 2 times a week
  • 76% subscribe to our newsletter or RSS

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