Social Media Management & Marketing Services

What is this social media you talk about, eh?

Is that what you’re asking yourself everyday when a customer asks if you are on Twitter or Facebook?  Well, let us help you create a strong presence on Twitter and/or Facebook and give your customers what they want; a way to help promote your business to their friends and family online!

Two examples of social media are Twitter and Facebook.  Other social media platforms include Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.  We can help you with them all!

These social media platforms give you, a business owner, a way to communicate to your customers about your business.  Whether it’s to announce a new product, service, a one-time sale, or a special you’d like to offer to just your social media followers, Twitter and Facebook are the perfect way to get the word out!

Blogging and social media allow businesses like yours to create compelling and engaging content that connects directly with customers and prospects from a link on your own website. Your social media pages will increase your brand exposure, build customer loyalty, and help with sales growth.

At Best Parenting Resources, LLC, we offer a Social Media Guidance Package ($750).  Our CEO, Alicia Hagan, will work with you directly to achieve your social media marketing goals:

  • Facebook Set-Up and Guidance:
    We will assist you in setting up your Facebook company page.  We will also teach you the best usage methods for Facebook and how to keep people coming back. Having a Facebook page is a great way to motivate your customers to share information about your business with others.
  • Twitter Set-Up and Guidance:
    Learn how to use Twitter to keep in touch with current customers and attract new customers.  We will teach you the ins and outs of Retweets, Direct Messages, Hashtags, and Followers.  This services includes a custom Twitter background for your business profile.
  • We’ll teach you Blogging Techniques tailored to your business:
    Blogging is a integral part of a social media strategy that should not be overlooked. We will teach you the most effective ways to blog and we will even set up and design a blog for your business if needed.


By waiting to start your social media strategy, you are giving your competition time to build up their social media presence, thus leaving you to catch up which can be difficult to do!

Our goal is to get you set up on Twitter and Facebook (LinkedIn is an option as well) and give you the confidence and motivation to continue to build your following through social media networks!