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Sponsored blog posts include:

  • At least 350 words and up to 800 words
  • Up to 2 images
  • Website link
  • Address (optional)
  • Phone number (optional)
  • All links in a sponsored blog post are nofollow
  • Content must be exclusive to AtlantaMoms.com and/or TheMommyInsider.com and not published anywhere else online

Buy a sponsored blog post on The Mommy Insider – $150

Buy a sponsored blog post on Atlanta Moms® – $150

Buy a sponsored blog post on either site that is health/fitness product related
Due to the nature of health and fitness products and the fact that they typically require more time to test and review, the cost is $250.

Examples of Sponsored Blog Posts and Social Media Advertisements:

The examples below are applicable for both AtlantaMoms.com and TheMommyInsider.com.

Sponsored Blog Post examples


  • A sponsored blog post must be at least 350 words and up to 800 words and can include two images.
  • We will consider pre-written posts with links already embedded ONLY IF they are written exclusively for AtlantaMoms.com and/or TheMommyInsider.com and will not be published in any part elsewhere online.
  • We will only write a post for a company or brand that aligns with our mission of providing parents information that is genuine, honest, and informational.
  • All links inside a sponsored post will be rel=”nofollow‘ (no exceptions)

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